Connecting Individuals to a Global Movement to Save the Grace of the World: Water 





“The average persons UK water footprint is 4645 litres of water a day through direct and indirect water consumption. Every action we take involves water and has the power to change the world."


Clean Water

“884 million people still lack access to clean water across the world. By 2050, 10 billion people, half of the world’s population could be living in water scarce regions as a result of climate change and rising populations. What difference will you make today, to affect the world tomorrow?” 



“70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by the oceans, from coral bleaching to sea levels rising, the marine ecosystems are rapidly changing. It’s time for the humans to take action.”


The world

“ The GRACE NASA mission revolutionised our view of water on Earth - that a third of the Earth’s largest underground water basins are being rapidly depleted. As the world faces rising populations and climate change, the stress of water resources will increase. It is time we did our bit to help save the world’s water” 


The Water Body

Our bodies are 65% water, it’s time we start valuing them


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