about Me

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I’m Emily and I’m 24 from London. In May 2018 I wasn’t unlike any other young woman, spending my money on the high street, buying a new dress for every party, Zara was my second home; consuming plastic bottles like they were going out of fashion for fear of cities tap water.

But I always knew I wanted to make an impact in the world. It led me to do a Masters in International Public Management at Sciences Po in Paris. It took me to the United Nations, as part of a model UN, where I spoke of Lake Urmia in Iran losing 90% of its water since the 1970s. The climatic change that I had learnt about in the classroom became more of a reality as I was persuading others of the plea of a country that was running out of water.

I started waking up and learning more about the world water crises and the impact that our lives were having on the world’s water resources: fresh water, oceans and rivers, through our fashion, food and lifestyle choices.

However, whilst I was completing my Masters, I became very ill with adrenal fatigue, hormonal and gut imbalances - I had to address my own life too if I wanted to make a difference in the world. I had to manage and cut down on my stress, remove toxic chemicals from my makeup bag and base my diet around plant based natural food. I learnt about transforming my body from a state of disease to a place of vitality. My water body wasn’t dissimilar to the misbalance in the world. To heal one, could heal the other.

If I wanted to save the world, I had to save myself, and I had to save water - the one resource that both people and planet depend on. Water became a holistic approach of how I viewed people and planet.

So I created Saving the Grace in June 2018 as a platform to raise awareness to the world’s water issues, to save the world, and to EMPOWER individuals to live more sustainable and healthy lives.

Saving the Grace is as much of a journey for me, as I hope it can help you on your journey to sustainable living.