about ME

Saving the Grace is the brainchild of 23 year old Emily. From a young age she had a passion to help save the world; believing that there was more to life than just earning a wage; a belief that we all have a moral obligation to preserve the planet. After her History degree at the University of Bristol she went to do Masters at Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris. It opened her eyes to a world beyond the traditional graduate jobs in the city and allowed her to study a breadth of international issues from public policy, project management, international law, to climate change.


Emily saw that there was a contrast between the bleak future of a world ravaged by wars and climate change and the growing number of people who want to make change and that change IS happening!

Emily believes that we must help save the most precious and graceful resource from which everything derives – water. Driven by this passion she is on a mission to spread awareness of the water issues in the world, starting with those within our daily lives. It is now time to think about our actions and move towards more sustainable lifestyles by reducing our water footprints and help save the world’s water.