The IPCC Climate Report 2018 & a call to action

 The IPCC report (a UN body) was released in October 2018 and has shaken the world to the harsh realities of climate change.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? 

I’ll start with the bad.

We have 12 years until catastrophe strikes. The world will be on fire! As early as 2030 there is risks of extreme drought, floods and greater sea level rise. Water will dominate regions lifelines.


Water is finite. Our current actions do not value the world nor it’s waters. Water is the dominating issue when it comes to the effects of climate change, yet little attention has been given to this precious resource.


What is the IPCC saying?


Global net emissions of carbon dioxide would need to fall by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030 and reach “net zero” around 2050 in order to keep the warming around 1.5 degrees C. However this window to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees C is closing rapidly. 


It is evident climate change is happening. Urgent international political action needs to be taken. 

The good news?

We as individuals also have the power to help reverse this. 


Actions you can take to save the world every day and it’s waters from this catastrophe:


1. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your travel (take your bike or walk)


2. Go plant based and reduce your meat intake ( you can reduce you water use by up to 55%).

3. Choose local and seasonal produce.

4. Reduce your waste (25% of the world’s fresh water supply is used to produce the food that is never eaten).

5. Have a more sustainable outlook (reduce, reuse, recycle, repair!).

6. Be a conscious shopper: say no to fast fashion, buy from sustainable brands, buy second hand, buy vintage. 

7. Demand more from companies. Hold them accountable for their practices. Write to them. Tweet them. Instagram them. 


We can all take action in our everyday lives. There’s never been more an important time. There is hope. 


It’s time for a movement for individual action to help save the world and save our world’s waters. We need a community. This is a call to action to join Saving the Grace on this mission. All life depends on it.