Why we should be grateful for water?

It’s not often that we are grateful for those things that we take for granted: our bodies, the food we eat, the roof over our head, the water we drink.

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As Thanksgiving approaches there is one thing that we should all be saying thanks to - you guessed it - water.

The sad fact is that the water we get out of taps is taken as a given. Yet 1 in 9 people around the world don’t have access to clean water near their homes and this could be a reality for more people as climatic change, increased demand from population growth and industry will mean that by 2030 demand for water will be 40% greater than supply. And it’s easy to think that it won’t affect me but London is the 9th most water scarce city in the world.

Water is the source of everything

So it’s time we started being grateful for the water coming out of our taps as clean water is finite.

Here are 10 reasons to be grateful for water today:

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  1. Our bodies are 65% water, we need it to survive. It keeps us hydrated, energised and moving.

  2. Water is used to grow everything we eat. Without water you would never taste the sweet taste of your favourite meal.

  3. Water is used to produce everything you own from the raw resource to the finished product.

  4. The sound of the waves hitting the shore would be heard never again without the large mass of water that is the ocean.

  5. Water has been seen as a source of healing for millions of years: to heal our bodies, to cleanse our souls, to heal geographies.

  6. Water helps with our digestion and keeps us regular.

  7. Clean water keeps us healthy and boosts our immune system.

  8. Being near water has been proven to boost our mood and increase life expectancy.

  9. The oceans our the world’s lifeblood. They produce more than half of the oxygen and absorb almost all of the carbon.

  10. A Japanese water study found that being sending gratitude to water molecules changes the molecular structure. Being grateful for water creates an improved expression within the water. Read more here. (Hippy I know! Yet scientific!)

Are you grateful for water? I sure am! Will you treat water differently?

Japanese Water Study by Dr Masaru Emoto

Japanese Water Study by Dr Masaru Emoto