The new cashmere: Alpaca fibre.

It’s important we know the impact of the fibres of our clothes. Alpaca might be the new water friendly cashmere. This is an interview with Sandy from Llamita.


E: What is Alpaca Fiber?

S: Alpaca fiber is a natural fiber harvested from an alpaca.

Alpacas are found high in the Peruvian Andes for over 700 years. They are beautiful, calm, timid, and intelligent domestic animals that are prized by the incas over gold for their fiber known as the “fiber of the gods”


E: How is alpaca water friendly and sustainable?

S: Unlike cotton, cashmere or sheep’s wool, which have to be washed multiple times during production, alpaca fiber does not go through a stripping process; after just one wash, you can wear alpaca fiber next to the skin. This saves millions of gallons of water worldwide.

E: Why is it better than other traditional materials such as cotton or cashmere?

S: Alpaca fiber is better than traditional materials such as cotton and cashmere for many reasons, not only because of the amount of water is saves the world, but also because of the softness of it. Alpacas grow lustrous fleece which is softer than cashmere, and eight times stronger and warmer than wool. The fiber is also free from lanolin, a potential irritant found in sheep’s wool, making the alpaca hypoallergenic. Additionally, it is water resistant and longer in length - so it’s more durable and resistant to piling too. And with microscopic air pockets on each hand, alpaca fiber offers thermal insulation. This mean it will keep you cool during the hot summer months, and warm during the cold winters.  

E: Is alpaca ethical and animal friendly? 

S: Many farmers rely on alpaca fiber for the majority of their income and they shear their alpacas only once or twice a year—so you can be confident that the animals that supply their fiber are treated with the utmost care and respect. At Llamita, we are also proud to be helping and empowering a network of artisan women in communities in the Andes, providing employment to women in an area where opportunities are rare. The artisan women we work with are all mothers who hand make each product and use knitting as supplementary income for their families.

E: What would you say to make everyone an alpaca lover?

S: Alpaca fiber will last you a lifetime and at Llamita, we create beautiful handcrafted alpaca outerwear with a classic and timeless touch. Our contemporary outerwear and accessories come in streamlined cuts and a sophisticated color palette for city living, but feel incredibly soft and lightweight thanks to the alpaca fiber. Designed with the modern woman in mind, these are luxury pieces that are timeless and will last you a lifetime.

Llamita Product_034.jpg

Additionally, Llamita only uses 100% baby alpaca fiber, which is the first shear of an alpaca, making it the softest and most unique.

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