My Fast Fashion Confession. And my Commitment to a Sustainable Wardrobe.

My recent post was a short expo on the fashion industry and its impact on the water cycle and the water footprint it leaves behind. 


But you might as well cuff me because I’m certainly guilty of fuelling the fast fashion industry, hitting the Zara sales was a favourite past time. 


This is my confession to which I plead guilty:

fast fashion.PNG
  • For having been a fast fashion addict.

  • For not being able to say no to sales – because who doesn’t love a bargain

  • For not knowing the consequences of my fashion choices

  • For not having a fully sustainable wardrobe

  • For not putting the environment before my need for a new dress


My water footprint has hardly been that of an angel when it comes to fashion. But now with knowledge I feel empowered to make changes in my shopping habits for the sake of the planet and its water. 


Firstly it is important to point out that it’s impossible to change your wardrobe overnight, nor would that be sustainable. We should not feel guilty about not having everything sustainable. 


It is now my pledge to:

  •  Say no to fast fashion houses unless they have an eco-range or change their production methods

  • To choose slow fashion, buying quality over quantity.  

  • To choose sustainable brands

  • To put the environment before my need for a dopamine hit from shopping (dopamine is the neurotransmitter surges when you're considering buying something new—anticipating a reward, in other words.) 

  • To buy second-hand 

  • To buy vintage

  • To say no to fast fashion, in particular Zara, however hard that may be. 

  • To change my mindset – less is more. Less clothes is more water for the planet.

Who will join me in my pledge to clean up my water trace and make responsible choices with the clothes we wear? Why wouldn't you?