9 Ethical Clothing Companies that I've Added to my Wardrobe

Tidying with Marie Kondo

Recently I Marie Kondo’d my wardrobe; for those who haven’t watched tidying with Marie Kondo on Netflix it shows Marie’s method of changing the world through tidying, making you happier and stress free in your home…. worth a try.

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Her first step is to make a pile on your bed (mine looked more like a mountain), and hold each piece of clothing in your hand to see if it sparks joy. Well lo and behold there were a large number of items that had been impulse purchases on the high street, namely Zara, that did not spark joy, nor had been worn in months, or years in some case. 

No surprise in the clothes that I gave me that va va vooom feeling were those that I had considered purchasing, often the more quality items that I have no doubt will be with me for years to come. 


Why Care?

  • The second biggest polluter of water after the oil industry

  • It takes around 15,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans; 2,700 for a white T-shirt

  • The dies from our clothes are being released into rivers killing fish; locals livelihoods; causing a rise in health problems; and a contamination of their drinking water. 


The list goes on…

 Our wardrobe connects us to unknown people and places around the world

Our wardrobe connects us to unknown people and places around the world. But since I found out the effects of the fashion industry on the world I’ve had to revaluate my impulse purchases and my constant demand for the new clothes when the ones I had were still I good condition... and I know I’m not alone in this. 

In July 2018 I made it my commitment to stop shopping on the high street, and put my Zara addiction at bay. 8 months later my wardrobe consists of still a number of pieces from Zara’s collections from the last few years, some quality staple pieces, the winning finds from charity shop and a number of pieces from ethical clothing companies that spark more joy than any of the other clothes in my wardrobe. 

Ethical Clothing

Each ethical clothing piece holds a story of their own: a brand that has curated, the fabrics, the source, the fair wages and the impact on the environment. Gone are the days when I thought sustainable fashion was the dingy, over-worn and over-sized clothes that appear to be in fashion at university (harking back to the university days at Bristol with oversized shirts and mom jeans)! 


There has never been a better time for sustainable fashion. There are so many pioneering fashion brands thinking about their environmental footprint and their water consumption. 


Here are some of my favourite ethical clothing companies who have sustainable and eco-conscious practices to match that I’ve purchased from in the last 8 months are:

 9 Ethical Clothing Companies

  1. Fabric For Freedom

  2. Iden Denim – most certainly the comfiest pairs of jeans I own

  3. Armedangels – Dutch jean brand 

  4. All Sisters – cute swimwear made from recycled 

  5. Veja– now up to two pairs of their trainers, comfy, versatile and ethical. 

  6. Cossac

  7. Girlfriend Collective - gym wear made from recycled bo

  8. Silou London - Gym wear made in London using non-toxic d

  9. We are Thought


For me the transition to a more sustainable wardrobe was not a case of depriving myself of shopping but finding ethical clothing companies, buying preloved, and loving what I have. 


It’s time to not only have ethics, but to wear them, embody them – no better way to do that than by starting with our wardrobes.