Copper Water Bottle: 8 Health Benefits Including Clearer Skin

If you walked into an Indians house in New Delhi, you’d likely find water stored in a copper vessel. 

 Copper has long been hailed in the ayurvedic tradition because of its health benefits and anti-bacterial properties. Copper is a vital mineral for humans and storing water in a copper vessel infuses the water with the minerals.   

The hit back against drinking water out of plastic bottles is widespread, not only for the environmental impact but also because of the effect on our health. Yet a copper bottle not only saves on the damage to your body and the world but will also help improve digestion and clear your skin. I’m sold! 

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 Copper water bottles are making a comeback as we reject plastic bottles. Some of their acclaimed health benefits include:


  1. Metabolism & Digestion: 

    Copper is essential to the metabolic processes. It helps stimulate digestion and to flush the digestive tract.


2. Immunity:

Copper is involved in a number of immune enzymes and is a great immunity booster. Studies also show copper to be anti-bacterial, helping to ward off disease. Much of the reason copper vessels are used so widely in India (where water-borne diseases are prevalent) is due to its ability to kill bacteria. 


3. Skin:

Copper water is rich in anti-oxidants which helps to fight off free radicals, protecting your skin against breakouts. It is key in the development of new cells, therefore it works to replenish the skin-promoting a fresh, glowing complexion. 


4. Brain Function: 

Copper is known to aid the fluid transmission of neurons to the brain. This, coupled with natural hydration, contributes to improved brain stimulation.


5. Nutrient Absorption:

Copper facilitates the absorption of other key minerals and nutrients from the food we eat.


6. Joints:

Copper possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help prevent conditions such as arthritis by maintaining supple joints and keeping you feeling young into our old age. 


7. Anti-Ageing:

Copper plays a role in the synthesis of myelin, melanin and collagen which helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.


8. Cardiovascular Health: 

Copper supports the efficient utilisation of iron in the body. This contributes to a healthy red blood cell count and helps in regulating blood pressure.


Will you be a copper convert? I am! 


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