Get Rid of Chemicals in Your Makeup Once And For All: Clean Beauty

A Need for Clean Beauty

When I became ill a few years ago with chronic health problems that led me to have non-existent hormones, chronic digestive problems, rashes, infections… the list went on… I didn’t think my make-up bag and my body products would be having an impact and had no idea what ‘clean beauty’ was.

However I was still set on saving the world, yet I realised that I couldn’t have a positive impact in the world, until I saved myself. I learnt and read every single health book under the sun and have done the rounds on holistic healing modalities, including herbalists, nutritionists, acupuncture, Chinese doctors, juice cleanses, reiki, spiritual healing.. the list goes on, and I am further down my healing journey than ever before.

The more I read, the more I discovered the connection between the chemicals in face products and its impact on our bodies that mirrored the companies and products impact on the Earth and it’s waters’. This is where I learnt of clean beauty and the need to remove toxic chemicals with names that I could not pronounce from my beauty regime.

So I slowly changed to clean beauty facial products: ones that nourished my skin from the outside in and ensured that my body thanked me for not giving it another barrage of toxins to process.

My water body was thanking me, as was the world’s water resources. Clean beauty products are not only good for your skin but they have had less of an impact on the environment in the process of making them as they are not synthetic.

Why Care?

chemical free makeup.JPG
  • Every day women put 515 synthetic chemicals on their bodies from their makeup, to face products, to body cream.

  • The chemicals have been found to disrupt the immune system and endocrine (hormonal) systems in our bodies and have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

  • Most of the female body products are derived from petroleum oil.

  • The chemicals that we put on our bodies affect our bodies but also the planetary water systems including disrupting the gender and number of marine life.

  • Makeup is often tested on animals.

Where to Buy Clean Beauty that is Chemical Free & Cruelty Free

  1. Wholefoods

  2. Content Beauty

  3. Small health stores

All of the above have a host of chemical free face products.

To care for oneself, is to care for the world and it’s waters’.

Clean Beauty & Chemical Free Makeup Brands

I prefer a natural look, and clean beauty products offer just that.

natural makeup.JPG

These are some products and brands I love:

  1. Ere Perez Cosmetics

  2. Inika Organic

  3. RMS Beauty

  4. Lily Lo UK

  5. Tata Harper

Let me know what natural and clean beauty brands you’re loving.