How to Stop Shopping Fast Fashion and Where to Buy Ethical Clothing

A Journey to Ethical Clothing

When I decided to stop shopping fast fashion I had a FREAK OUT! A big freak out!!

Was I ever going to be able to shop again? Would I be able to get that irreplaceable feeling of something new that only shopping would give me? How would I get a new dress for a party next week?

As I admitted I was a confessed fast fashion addict… but aren’t all young women?

But since July 2018 I’ve found some of the tricks of the trade, found out some of the places to shop that are now in line with my ethics but still allow me to have that oh so wholesome feeling of having a new piece of ethical clothing.

Although preloved clothing is my ultimate favourite as you really get your bang for your buck ( See my post about a preloved clothes sale I held with People’s Pieces here and how you can create one too) I love the infancy and innovation of the sustainable and ethical fashion industry: the new brands that I discover, each with their own style; the increased love and respect I have for every garment that has their own story; and that I can wear my values proudly when I wear ethical clothing.

sustainable fashion.JPG

Why Care?

  • We all have 60% more clothing than 15 years ago and keep them for half as long.

  • One pair of jeans requires 15,000 litres of water to produce, a white t-shirt 2,700 litres.

  • Toxic chemicals that are used to dye our clothes are released into rivers killing marine life, and causing illnesses and increased cancer risk for the factory workers and surrounding villagers.

  • The fashion industry is the second biggest polluter of water after oil.

Places to Shop for Ethical Clothes

These are the yellow pages for sustainable and ethical fashion!

  1. Good on You

    The Good on You site and their app is a great way to check the credentials of leading fashion brands - it’s my go to! They also have a full brand directory where you can see a whole list of different brands. This site will honestly REVOLUTIONISE your ethical shopping.

  2. Content Beauty, Marylebone

    An online store and boutique shop in Marylebone featuring sustainable brands and cosmetics.

  3. Reve en Vert

    A sustainable shopping platform and ethical clothing kingdom. I lust after almost every piece on their website.

  4. Ethical Brand Directory

    The fashion solution for the conscious consumer: an A-Z directory of many ethical brands for all your fashion needs.

I hope these sites directories can get you started on your sustainable fashion journey. 10 months ago I was dressed head to toe in the latest high street finds… walking into an event only to blush to find another girl had found the same cute floaty summer dress in the latest summer collection was more than a regularity. Honestly for me, there’s nothing worse!

I’m glad to say that now I rarely have that ‘same dress moment’ and spare my cheeks the redness. My wardrobe is a collection of old, really old, preloved, and sustainable and ethical clothing.

But if I think I need something I ask myself some conscious shopping questions:

Conscious Shopping Checklist

  • Do I really need a new …… ?

  • Do I have something in my wardrobe that I could also wear?

  • Can I borrow it from a friend or sister?

  • Can I buy it second hand/ preloved?

  • Can I wait a few weeks and see if I still ‘need’ it?

Reve en Vert, Content Beauty and most of all the Ethical Brand Directory and Good on You, have transformed my ethical shopping experience. I no longer have that panic of feeling like I don’t know where to shop, as they always have a better, more ethical, more water friendly solution.

I can walk in to that party happy - knowing that my chances of wearing the same outfit are at least 90% less than my old fast fashion self - (if you start shopping ethically maybe 85%… but I’ll forgive you for that!).

I hope you can find that thing you’re after sustainably. It’s easier once you know these sites as your big yellow pages for ethical clothing.