4 Organic Cleaners for a Healthy and Chemical Free Home 

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

There is nothing worse than a dirty home, yet in my mind there is nothing worse than cleaning! The toxic cleaning sprays that make your head spin from smell, to the tiresome nature of such a task.

Yet after becoming ill a few years ago I read about the toxic nature of our cleaning products and how they were causing my allergies and disrupting my hormonal balance and immune system. Now I have a flat of my own where I can experiment with eco friendly and body friendly cleaning products and other methods to keep my home green and serene, and the world’s water’s including my body full of vitality.

Why choose organic cleaners for your home?

Why Care?

  • Conventional cleaning products use toxic chemical substances that affect our water bodies with recent research linking them to asthma, reduced sperm count, autism and hormonal imbalances.

  • Chemicals released whilst cleaning go down the drain and pollute the water ways and rivers that are affecting the health of marine life including the gender of fish! Some common chemicals found in household products include Acids, Ammonia, Chlorine bleach, Phosphates, Petroleum distillates, Phenol & Cresol, Nitrobenzene, Formaldehyde & Paradichlorbenzene.


How to have a toxic and chemical free home

  1. Use eco friendly cleaning products

The best place to start when transitioning to eco friendly cleaners is to switch to Method and Ecover - two companies with leading eco-friendly cleaning products.

In a busy world it’s hard to make the time to make your own products but if you’re feeling really creative you can even make your own organic cleaning products with vinegar, lemon rinds and water. Good House Keeping have some great tips and Durango have suggestions for troublesome mould.

2. Himalayan rock salt lamp

One of my favourite additions to my flat has been my himalayan rock salt lamps after I read that they help improve indoor air quality, help allergies, and boost mood and energy levels. Water in the air attracts allergens and pollutants, that are dried out by the himalayan salt.

The lamps are also found to be a great source of negative ions that are typically found in nature, the greatest source being running water. These lamps are a source of negative ions but it’s still vital that we spend time in nature and near water to get recharge.

They are a great eco friendly cleaner as they cleanse the air in the room.

3. Indoor house plants


Living in a basement flat sadly I don’t get much natural daylight but that doesn’t stop me from trying my luck with my green fingers. I recently found patch plants and I’m in love. The dream of having a house full of green plants may be a struggle with the amount of daylight I have but i can squeeze a plant or two in to the little bit i do have.

Indoor plants are great for freshening the air. Meet Rapunzel, also known as Golden pathos, or Devil’s Ivy, she helps remove unwelcome pollutants from the air, and looks great hanging from any surface or bookshelf.

Franky, more commonly known as Aloe Vera, has also found the next best place for light in my kitchen. Aloe Vera is been approved by NASA as one of the best air purifiers and removers of air pollutants from the air.

Plants are great eco-friendly cleaners and they bring so much life to a home.

4. Burn Sage or Frankincense

Another eco-friendly cleaner is to burn sage, frankincense and other incense is one thing that really grounds me and they have been used for thousands of years to cleanse, a person, group or space.

Sage also has antibacterial qualities and is found to help clear pollutants. Focus on corners of the room, doorways and areas with high footfalls.

Try it and experience a lightness in the air like a weight has been lifted.

Let me know in the comments what are your eco-friendly cleaning tips?