The Benefits of Hot Water: The Secret to Ayurvedic Medicine

There is something that we have been doing wrong all these years that we do every day: drinking water at the wrong temperature.

Ayurvedic Medicine - The Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

I spent an entire 10 days covered in oil with a turban on my head!

I spent an entire 10 days covered in oil with a turban on my head!

Last summer my sister and I went on a Panchakarma detox retreat for 10 days - for those who don’t know this is an Indian ancient whole body detox that use 5 modes of detoxing for a full body healing. To say it was intense was an understatement. At one point I was pacing around the room sweating out of every orifice, only allowed to drink hot water to try and remove the “Pitta” (fire) from my body - I was certainly fiery then!

Healing did occur, but since those 10 days, there is one thing that has really stuck by from the Ayurvedic style of medicine is their belief in the benefits of drinking hot water that has transformed my digestion.

The Health Benefits of Hot Water

  1. Improves Digestion

In Ayurvedic medicine they believe that drinking hot water can improve digestion and aid constipation - and I can attest to that! Water acts as a lubricant and the hot water can help dissolve things that your body might have trouble digesting. If you have a sore stomach, try drinking hot water and see whether it helps.

2. Calms the Central Nervous System

Calming my central nervous system is something I’m working on - that on edge and charged feeling has fortunately dissipated in the main part over the last few years but drinking hot water has certainly helped this.

3. Keeps you Hydrated

I find drinking cold water hits my intestines, whereas drinking hot water can soothe this and it keeps me hydrated. I find it is easier to hit the eight glasses of hot water - you might find it too.

4. May aid in Weight Loss - Benefits of Drinking Hot Water To Lose Weight

It is said that drinking hot water can help with weightless as your metabolism is activated as your body’s temperature control system is woken up. Hot water helps your get rid of that excess water weight.

5. Decreases Stress Levels

As drinking hot water helps improve the central nervous system it is great for anxiety too. As soon as I feel slightly anxious I grab a mug of hot water or hot herbal tea.

6. Help Remove Toxins

When you drink hot water our bodies internal temperature is raised which can cause you to start to sweat which is essential to get rid of toxins that you’re exposed to.

7. Improves Circulation

Drinking hot water can have a similar effect to having a hot bath and gets the blood flowing around your body.

Best times to Drink Hot Water:

Benefits of Hot Water on an Empty Stomach

It can ignite your digestion and remove of the cumulated toxins from the night before.

Drinking Hot Water Before Sleep

It can help you wind down and catch some zzz.

I love drinking hot water alone, or with a sprig of mint, or lemon - I hope it can help you too.

** Please note I am not a doctor, nor a qualified health professional. These are taken from my own experience and research.