Water is making the headlines, it’s time we all start acting. 

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BBC News, 19 March 2019

Water shortages in England within 25 years

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The Guardian, 12 February 2019

Climate and economic risks threaten ‘2008 style systemic collapse’

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Reuters, 10 January 2019

Oceans warming faster than expected, set heat record in 2018: scientists

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BBC News, 11 September 2018

How to eat well and save the planet.

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The Guardian, 3 September 2018 

English water firms vow to cut bills by up to 10.5% and tackle leaks

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The Express, 25 July 2018

WEATHER LATEST: Shock map shows contrast between UK in infamous 1976 drought – and NOW

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The Guardian, 20 July 2018

Crop failure and bankruptcy threaten farmers as drought grips Europe

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The Guardian, 8 July 2018

Why we shouldn’t waste a drop of increasingly vital and valuable water.

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The Telegraph, 3 July 2018

Britain's failure to plan for rapid population growth leaves us ill-prepared for a drought.

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Daily Intelligencer, 6 February 2018

Cape Town’s Water Crisis Should Be a Warning to the World.

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