The GRACE NASA mission revolutionised our view of water on Earth - that a third of the Earth’s largest underground water basins are being rapidly depleted. As the world’s population continues to grow, accompanied by increases in manufacturing means that by 2030 demand is expected to be 40% greater than supply. Cape Town exhibited that it is not a matter of if cities will run out, but when, and that changes of behaviour by individuals IS possible.  

The world is experiencing a water crisis: 884 million people lack access to clean water close to home; 55% of rivers in China have disappeared in the last 20 years to industrial use; and the sacred crisps and chips are at risk from severe droughts! Yet the true wrath of it is yet to be felt: by 2025 1.8 million people will experience water scarcity. 


In 2016 the World Economic Forum ranked the world water crises as the highest concern for the next decade, and the UN has started to take action with the UN Water Action Decade 2018-2028. But individuals must be connected to the global movement to save the world’s water, and ensure that there is more supply than demand. 

The true value of water has been lost as we take it from our taps, but communicating the importance of water conservation has never been more important. 95% of the water we use every day is hidden - in the things we wear, eat, use and consume. The average water footprint of a UK citizen is 4645 litres of water… a DAY! But this means we have the power to indirectly affect water resources throughout the world. 

Against this background, a shift in behaviour is needed so that individuals think consciously about their actions, opting for the less water intensive action, and as consumers favour water-sustainable products, incentivising companies to produce them. 

Bondi Beach, Australia - Matthew Kane

The grace of the earth, and the graceful resource, water, needs to be conserved to prevent the water crisis worsening, and to change the trajectory of the depletion of the world’s water resources and the detrimental effects on humans and nature. 

Saving the Grace is a call to action for all of us. To connect the individual to a global movement for water conservation and for a campaign to raise awareness to threats to mankind and the environment unless the issue is tackled now. With the world experiencing rising populations and climate change we must rethink the way we consume water directly and indirectly – for it is a matter of life or death – for people and planet. It is time we become empowered to change our actions, to empower others to make a difference to help save the world.