The Mission


Every day we have an impact on the world - positive or negative. Every action - our food choices, the clothes we wear, the products we consume, how much plastic we use, how we travel - affect the world’s water resources in some form. A UK citizen uses 4645 litres of water a day - 95% of it invisible. Our lives are so connected to the world’s water yet we are so disconnected.

Our world’s waters’ are under threat: our freshwater supply, our oceans, rivers and glaciers, and so too are the people who inhabit mother earth.

The GRACE NASA mission revolutionised our view of water on Earth - that a third of the Planet's largest underground water basins are being rapidly depleted. The water crisis is ranked the highest concern for the next decade by the UN, as by 2050 half of the world’s population are expected to live in water scarce areas, causing up to 700 million refugees from water scarcity by 2030. A combination of rising population, poor water demand management and climate change are directing us towards an existential crisis. Yet little is being done, or little is known of this looming crisis.

Our oceans are at threat too - the lifeblood of the world, producing 70% of our oxygen. Blue Planet II raised awareness to the problem of ocean plastic that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Yet the oceans and its marine life also face acidification, warming, overfishing and rising sea levels.

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Our rivers are becoming the human waste bin as we dump toxic industrial and agricultural waste into the water, depleting the quality of this life giving substance.

The climate is undoubtedly changing and the IPCC report states that we have as little as 11 years to turn it around to halt the 1.5 C rise in temperatures. Water is pernicious, and will dominate climate change stories throughout the century.

These stats, may seem scary but they are a result of human action - or inaction. It is time to start valuing water - valuing where we come, valuing the 70% of our body that is water. Our treatment of our own bodies is a reflection of our impact on the world. People and planet are connected by one resource: water.

Saving the Grace is a response to this - it is a sustainable living platform focusing on 5 key areas: lifestyle, food, fashion, wellness and action in the world as a holistic approach to save the world’s waters’.

Saving the Grace sets out to raise awareness and empower individuals to make simple changes to lead more sustainable and healthier lives for themselves and the planet. True fulfilment will come when individuals know that they have value in the world and are making a difference.

Our future rests on our action.

Knowledge = Awareness = Empowerment = Action = Fulfilment

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